A very SPIDER Thanksgiving

Jeff Filippini

Jeff Filippini

Jeff Filippini is a postdoctoral scholar at the California Institute of Technology.

In the SPIDER team this year we have a lot to be thankful for.  The major parts of our payload are assembled.  Our cryostat is cold and performing reasonably well.  All six of our half-wave plates (polarization modulators) are installed and turn smoothly at low temperature.  All six of our focal planes are at operating temperature (sub-Kelvin!) and the bolometers are functioning.  We have the privilege of living and working in Antarctica, one of the most stunning places on Earth.  Most importantly, we are here with a fantastic team, having a great time with one another in and out of the lab.

Thursday (Thanksgiving local time) was a normal work day on the ice, but our LDB (long duration ballooning) facility galley staff prepared a special treat: a full turkey dinner for lunch!  The food was exceptional, particularly the turkey (moist and delicious!) and the orange-cranberry sauce.  We all appreciated the taste of home.

Thanksgiving menu

Thanksgiving menu at the long duration ballooning facility

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